Company – Corporate Law

Counselling of companies in their everyday commercial contracting and ordinary legal aspects.

  • Directors’ liability: counselling on their obligations to avoid liability; and legal actions against directors.
  • Company insolvencies.
  • Challenging of corporate resolutions.
  • Incorporation of companies, drafting of Articles of Association, preparation of and attendance at General Meetings and preparation of Board meetings.
*Possibility of online constitution in 48 hours, ready to operate.
  • Sundry corporate operations: reduction and increase of capital, accordion operation, merger, division and conversion.
  • Winding-up and liquidation of companies.
  • Company secretary: Corporate registers and Minute Books.

Specialist training Virginia Casajuana:

  • Diploma in Company Law (2001).
  • Accounting for Lawyers. IECE, Business Institute of Accounting and Economics (2005).
  • Due Diligence for Business Acquisitions. Madrid Bar Association (June 2002).
  • Company Law (April-May 2001), given by the GARRIGUES Study Centre through the Madrid Bar Association.
  • Amendment of the Limited Liability Act. Madrid Bar Association (April 1995).
  • Senior Executive Liability. Institute of International Research (June 1994).
  • Public Limited Companies and the liability of their corporate bodies. Centre of Law and Economics Research, Madrid (May 1994).

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